The Essential iPhone App for the UK General Election.

Election 2010 is my brand new iPhone app which, as the name implies, gives you tons of information about the general election. All through May 6th and 7th, this app will provide live results, telling you which seats have changed hands and which party is out in the lead. Also in the app is information about all 650 UK parliamentary constituencies (with quick links to more details from Wikipedia and UK Polling Report). You can view seats in your local area, see a map of every seat, and keep seats bookmarked for quick reference during the election. There’s also details and information about over 4,000 election candidates, right at your fingertips.

You can even send candidates emails, or call them on the phone, right from within the app1.

If you want more details, features and pictures, head over to the Election 2010 website here.

I’ve been working really hard on this app for the last few weeks, and it’s been a real rush to get it out in time for the election, so I’m really really excited (and a bit relieved) to be able to announce it properly and tell you all about it. You can buy it right now for only £1.19. The feedback I’ve so far has been really great; so thanks so much to everyone who’s bought the app and got back to me about it. After a single day of release, it’s hit number 3 on the iTunes Top Paid News apps chart, which is so much better than I was expecting.

Seriously, it’s awesome. I’m really really proud of it. If you have an iPhone, please go buy it, and leave a review; if you don’t have an iPhone, tell someone who does to get it and leave a review!


By far the most exhausting task has been getting all the info together for the app. So, I should mention that most of the data is gleaned from the APIs at the awesome sites TheyWorkForYou and YourNextMP. Also, I’ve had invaluable help from Anthony Wells at UK Polling Report, and Tweetminster’s list of candidate and MP Twitter accounts has been extremely useful in tracking people down.

Also, I’ve got to say thanks to the guys who helped me beta test, who really helped me nail down the UI and figure out where things were working and what needed changing. I shan’t name them all for fear of missing someone out, but you know who you are and cheers.

So, thanks everyone, and go buy my app!

  1. Best response to this feature I’ve had so far came from Jennie Rigg: “Ooh that’s EVIL!” she said, “I approve…” []