Brown just resigned. He did it. Barnacle Brown stepped down.

I have no great political comment to make, no great words to mark the occasion. I just felt I had to say something, so what follows is pretty much stream-of-consciousness (though not quite – this parenthetical, for instance, was added later).

If you want a negative view of all this, Charlotte has one. Such hope, such potential, such a shame. Read the comments, too.

If you’d prefer a positive view – and I do – try patently.

All I can really say is that if this Lib-Lab deal goes through I’m just thankful the Lib Dems didn’t get more idiot MPs who only care about their own stupid self interest. What a let-down. Just like the other parties.

Of course, if there’s no Lib-Lab ‘rainbow’ coalition-of-the-losers, and talking to Labour is just a bargaining ploy to force Cameron into offering electoral reform, then there’s a golf clap waiting for the party who forced Brown to whore out his party only to get nothing in return. But I’ll believe it when I see it – I can’t help but agree with Charlotte that this seals the Lib-Lab deal, and the party won’t stand for a Tory coalition or supply-and-confidence arrangement.

I’ll write later about David Cameron’s position in all this. He once again comes off (to me, at least) as the man punished quite cruelly for just trying to do something which approximated the Right Thing. Heresiarch seems to sum it up“The pity of it, there was a deal. A good deal in the national interest. Bastard Lib Dem MPs blocked it. Oblivion beckons.”

In the end, the death knell probably may have just sounded for the Liberal Democrats and their single-minded focus on electoral reform. The rainbow coalition will fall, there’ll be another election which will probably take place under Alternative Vote (a system often less proportional than our current one), and the once-bitten electorate will give them a solid kicking for selling out. The Lib Dems will go down in history as the party who snatched electoral oblivion from the jaws of wide-ranging reform.

Or maybe I’m just talking out my backside, like everyone else. Frankly, I couldn’t give a monkeys any more.

Brown. Just. Resigned. This calls for a celebration.