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About Sharpe’s Opinion

Sharpe’s Opinion is written by Stuart Sharpe, one of the brightest up-and-comers in the UK political blogging scene[citation needed].

I mostly write about politics, although sometimes about technology, from a loose and woolly pragmatically liberal perspective, if that isn’t an oxymoron. I am not a member of any political party and currently have no intention of joining one. In real life I’m a 24-year-old husband and father, currently unemployed but working hard to become a freelance web designer and iPhone developerget in touch if you’re interested in what I can offer.

Some Things What Other People Have Said About Me (Without Prompting, Of Course)

Total Politics Top 100 - 83rd
36th Right of Centre Blog
Shortlisted For Lib Dem Blog Award
Wikio Politics RankingWikio - Top Blogs

“Stuart Sharpe is to blogging what Mother Teresa was to hang gliding” – Jonathan Calder

“Infrequent, but rather good” – Thomas Byrne

“Without Stuart Sharpe, the internet would be a much poorer place. Literally, as he pays cash for endorsements like this.” – Nick Barlow

“The witty remarks accompanying Stu’s famous strawberries never cease to make my day.” – Anton Howes

“Stuart is a man from Derby who writes words on the internet… He’s always engaging and thought provoking.” – Mark Thompson

“S Sharpe Esq. is a man who writes about my two favourites things—politics and web development—and does so rather well.” – Devil’s Kitchen

“One of my favourites – a true free thinker, funny and enviably sane” – Charlotte Gore

Strawberry, by Eleanor Sharpe